Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Does My Company Qualify?

Our membership offering is wide and varied and may not be listed specifically below, so please contact us at 204-999-0973 (Brad Murray) or 204-888-6202 (Val Officer) to determine if your company qualifies.

A sample of the plans available to MERIT Member Companies

With the Hour Bank Plan each field employee of a MERIT employer is eligible for benefits. Hours worked each month are reported and paid for by the employer. The cost of the plan can be shared 50/50 with the Employee, or paid in full by the Employer. Employee benefits are tracked using the employees social insurance number. MERIT benefits follow employees in the event they start employment with another MERIT employer.

For an overview of our benefits, click here to watch our video.

Hour Bank Plan
for construction site workers

Office/Administration Plan
for office and support staff

Hour Bank First Nations
for construction site workers already covered by Federal Government benefitsRetiree Plan

Retiree Plan
for retiring members who wish to continue on with MERIT benefits