Training & Education Programs

What is the Job Grant?

The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant is an employer-driven training support program that assists employers to obtain skilled labour to meet their needs and helps Manitobans gain the skills they need to fill available jobs.

Employers are eligible to apply for up to $10,000 for each individual employee or prospective employee to assist with direct training costs. Manitoba’s contribution under the grant will not exceed $250,000.

Employers decide who obtains training, what training is required, and which approved third-party trainer will deliver training. The Manitoba government can help employers to determine their workforce and training needs and connect them to job seekers.

What are the requirements?

Participating employers must have a job available for the trainee upon successful completion of the training. For existing employees, the purpose of training should be to upgrade their skills so they may move up to a better job or meet employer needs in the workplace.

Employers that receive funding under the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant must contribute a minimum one-third of the eligible training costs. Small businesses (50 employees or less) may be eligible for additional funding support.
Eligible training costs include:

  • tuition fees or fees charged by a training provider
  • mandatory student fees.
  • textbooks, software and other required materials
  • examination fees.

Training can be delivered at the workplace, online or in a classroom or training facility, and must be provided by an approved third-party trainer. This could include:

  • post-secondary institutions
  • private vocational institutions
  • sector councils or industry associations
  • union halls

Employers may propose other organizations for consideration to deliver the training. Examples include equipment manufacturers, software developers and private trainers (consultants) if they have:

  • applicable curriculum available or curriculum development expertise
  • specialized equipment and materials required for training
  • qualified trainers (credentials and/or experience)

The Manitoba government reserves the right to approve the suggested trainer.
The employer is responsible for selecting and contracting directly with the approved trainer. The trainer invoices the employer for the training costs; the Manitoba government then pays the grant to the employer.

Employers must agree to provide confirmation of the direct training costs, information about how and who the training has helped, and the business impact/outcomes of the training.

Trainees must agree to provide personal information for performance monitoring, reporting, research and evaluation purposes (ex: gender, age, education, social insurance number, employment status, hours worked, wages, etc.).

What are the requirements?

Candidates for training include individuals who are:

  • unemployed and seeking training to get a job
  • working, but underemployed and seeking training to get a
    better job
  • employed, but looking to train for a better job
  • employed, but seeking training to enhance their skills in an
    existing job

Training participants must be individuals working in Manitoba who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Training of temporary foreign workers is not eligible.

How are grant applications assessed?

To assist in making fair and objective assessments of grant applications, Manitoba considers factors such as the number of net new jobs created, the type of job of the trainee (ex: full time, seasonal), the type of training (ex: technical skills, regulatory training), etc.

Employers may apply for any number of grants, but preference may be given to employers who have not previously received a grant.

How can we help?

Manitoba can assist employers with:

  • identifying their training needs
  • connecting with suitable job seekers
  • completing the grant application
  • information about training delivered by third-party service providers
  • information about other available workforce development programs and services

For information about how to apply for the Canada- Manitoba Job Grant contact:

Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre Workforce Development and Income Support Manitoba Jobs and the Economy

Phone: 1 866 332-5077