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Meeting with Premier Pallister and Minister of Infrastructure Pederson

Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba was part of a group of industry associations that met with Premier Brian Pallister and Minister of Infrastructure Blaine Pederson on May 11, 2016.  Yvette Milner, President and Ray Bisson, Chair attended on behalf of Merit.  Premier Pallister opened the meeting and emphasized his commitment to investing in core infrastructure at a minimum of $1 billion annually.  Attendees were asked to submit a list of their top three areas of priority.  Minister Pederson also indicated that a roundtable would be convened soon to discuss things that can be implemented quickly to achieve maximum results.  There was very good discussion on a number of issues.  Merit identified Project Labour Agreements that force unionization as an area of concern for our members and requested that these practices be eliminated on a go forward basis.  This meeting is a very positive sign and indicates that the government is looking to consult with key stakeholders as they move forward in implementing their platform.  We look forward to being a part of this collaboration and will provide input on issues that are priorities for our members.