Merit Contractors Association of Manitoba First Annual Employee Awards

The 1st Annual Employee Awards of Excellence Banquet was held April 4th at Fort Gibraltar

Thank you to our sponsors for the evening:

Main Event Sponsor – FWS Group of Companies

Centerpiece Sponsor – M D Steele Construction Ltd

Photo Booth Sponsor – Static Electric Ltd

Table Wine Sponsor – Three Way Builders Ltd

Congratulations to our award winners!

Harold Johnson – Outstanding Site Supervisor (Over 25 Employees) – FWS Group of Companies

Christopher Audette – Outstanding Site Supervisor (Under 25 Employees) – Renovations Plus by JMR Design Ltd

Patrick Boisvert – Outstanding Field Employee (Over 25 Employees) – FWS Group of Companies

Kolin Knox – Outstanding Field Employee (Under 25 Employees) – Loewen Mechanical Ltd

Ranjeet Singh – Outstanding Apprentice (Over 25 Employees) – FWS Group of Companies

Kelcie Hiebert – Outstanding Apprentice (Under 25 Employees) – Loewen Mechanical Ltd

Tammy Ducharme – Outstanding Office Employee – Bornhorst Mechanical Inc

Carol Major – Outstanding Office Employee – Ambassador Mechanical Corp

Outstanding Site Supervisor

Outstanding Field Employee

Outstanding Apprentice

Outstanding Office Employee

Tips on Writing Nomination Form


  • Make sure the nomination is legible.
  • Be as detailed as possible. Don’t skip a question or leave things out.
  • Use descriptive language and give specific examples wherever possible.
  • Provide more information rather than less. Letters of reference, photos of a job well done, documentation of safety record, promotions, internal recognition all add to the credibility of your nomination.
  • The selection of awards winners will be done by independent evaluators. The evaluators do not know anything about your nominee. It’s up to you to make the evaluators understand how special your nominee is, and why they deserve to be chosen for the award.

Preparation is Key

  • Before you begin, give some serious thought as to why you want to nominate the individual. Why is he/she deserving of the award? What makes them special?
  • Make sure you have all the necessary information. For example, letter of reference, photos, safety record.